The offer includes piston and non-cylinder rod pneumatic actuators, as well as pendulum actuators manufactured in accordance with the basic standards of ISO 15552, ISO 6431, ISO 6432 – which guarantees full interchangeability of our actuators with actuators of other manufacturers. A wide range of two-way and one-way actuators, as well as rotary, line and pressure actuators will satisfy the most demanding customers.

The cylinder rods of actuators are made by default of high-quality stainless steel, thus they may be used in harsh working conditions. We offer pneumatic actuators with piston diameters from 12mm to 200mm (stroke up to 1000mm).

We are able to deliver standard actuators "on request" to a Customer located anywhere in the country within 24 hours. Quick fulfillment of orders is what distinguishes us on the Polish market.