Suction and delivery hoses

Hose wall: polyester polyurethane, flexible PVC or thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV).

Spiral: spring steel coppered wire or galvanized steel.

Characteristics: high wear resistance, smooth inside which guarantees good medium flow parameters, resistant to fuels and oils, good chemical resistance, very good flexibility, low bending radius.

Application: delivery of solid, liquid and gas materials, discharge of pulverized oil, delivery of paper fibers, pellet, shavings, sand, gravel, copper slag, sinter.

Temperature range: from -40oC to + 90oC, temporarily up to +125oC

Hose diameter: from DN 16 to DN 500

The hoses of this group are used in loading machines and tank trucks, in glassworks, quarries, shipyards, cement plants, agricultural equipment and for sewer system cleaning.